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4 Easy Room Refresh Ideas

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Trust me, you don’t need to waste a lot of money in order to make your home looks fashionable. You only need these 10 basic items, a mix-and-matching skills, and a big badass confidence!

Go for the glow

If your lamp situation is feeling a bit predictable, adding in new fashion-forward lighting is an easy way to elevate the look of a room. A bold floor lamp will instantly add a moment of drama, while a sculptural table lamp doubles as functional art.

Layer on the warmth of the season

A fall palette is naturally inviting, and layering on a fall-inspired color story will make your favorite rooms look and feel warm and welcoming. Throw pillows and textiles in rich tones of ambre, ocher and russet are evocative of fall foliage, while hand-touched wood and ceramic decors add a perfectly imperfect beauty that echoes the natural beauty of season.

Make a statement

A new rug is one of the fastest ways to instantly change the look and feel of a room—from neutral to bold hues or vibrant to serene. This fall, we’re especially excited by the statement-making possibilities of our new rugs. We love how this collection pairs the depth and intrigue of antique rugs with fresh and modern motifs. And remember, when it comes to rugs, bigger is better! So opt for oversized rather than petite to define your space and add warmth, texture and a big splash of personal style.

Add a new crush-worthy piece

We’re big believers that the heart knows what the heart wants—and this counts for home decor too. The artful shape of a vase, the way glazing can shimmer and crackle, a certain shade of a favorite hue—this fall, we’re excited for you to bring home that new accent simply because it catches your eye and makes you smile. Because if it looks good in your home and it makes you happy, well, that’s a decor win-win.

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