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5 Tips for Buying a Sofa

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1. Choose your frame.

Clean lines, curved arms, deep cushions or trend-forward style—it’s important to bring home a sofa that fits your style and your space. To help get you started, we’ve rounded up three different styles that are equally fantastic in their own ways.

Made for Lounging

Curvy and Compact

2. See how it fits.

Once you’ve found the one, use our dimension guidelines (listed at the bottom of every product page on our website) to see exact measurements. (Measuring is also important to make sure the sofa you love will fit through doorways.)

3. Find your perfect fabric.

Not sure if you’re more of a velvet or cotton person? Or maybe you’re ready to try a bold pattern. If you have kids or pets, you’ll probably be interested in exploring performance fabrics. It’s so important to love the look, feel and durability of your new sofa, which is why we recommend ordering free swatches, so you can touch, feel and see which fabric is perfect for your style and how you live.

4. Well-made matters.

Behind every comfortable sofa is a well-made frame. And a well-made frame starts with solid hardwood (not particleboard or plastic). A hardwood frame won’t warp or split. It’s built to last. We’re proud to say that our frames are benchmade in North Carolina and undergo a rigorous 20-point inspection process.

5. Design is in the details.

From the tailoring to the tufting to the profile, the design of every sofa tells a unique style story. So have fun looking for design elements that speak to your personal style.

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