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Best Dining Chairs for a Luxurious and Comfortable Dinner

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Outfitting your dining table with the right seating can transform your dining room in an instant. The perfect dining chair needs to have a beautiful design but also feel comfortable and inviting. House Romanow has brought together the best dining chairs that fulfill all the requirements for a luxurious overhaul of your dining room.

Galea Dining Chair

Galea is a glamorous dining chair that blends ancient with modern. It draws inspiration from a helmet worn by warriors in the Roman Empire and is brought to life through traditional production techniques. The result is a velvet and leather modern armchair, which elegant silhouette ensures it’s perfect for upscale restaurants and modern dining rooms.

Nura Dining Chair

Featuring a uniquely shaped backrest, Nura Dining Chair is the ultimate expression of cozy luxury. Shaped like a U, Nura is made of leather, brass, and wood and provides an embracing comfort only found in armchairs with the same shape. Ideal for cozy yet glamorous dining rooms and restaurants.

Saboteur Dining Chair

The Saboteur Dining chair is here to bring that old noir movie scene vibe into any modern dining space, whether private or commercial. Made with the finest materials, velvet, and brass, the modern dining chair is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort, and thanks to its smooth and simples lines it’s ideal for all types of dining rooms, from the minimalist to the maximalist.

Charla Dining Chair

Charla dining chair is a splendid object of boundless elegance. This marvelous design is the perfect example of timeless lines with a modern twist, by using a complexity of luxurious materials, such as velvet, brass, and lacquered wood.

Marie by Essential Home

Marie is rather an occasional dining chair that incorporates all of the mid-century elements into a contemporary vision. Its construction features slim legs made of polished brass, a round pad upholstered with a seductive velvet and a round back. It has no armrests, so it is also perfect for casual interiors like bars or restaurants.

Stola by Brabbu

The Stola dining chair received its name from the way Ancient Roman women were dressed. As Roman women’s clothes were a symbol of elegance and strength, this fully upholstered dining chair with draped fabric in the inner back will bring the same elegance and fierceness to your dining room.

Soleil by Boca do Lobo

The Soleil dining chair is a synthesis of styles and senses. Inspired by the spirit and mission of the famous Cirque du Soleil, the purpose is to invoke, provoke and evoke. This dining chair is made of precious details, just like the moments that make life so valuable. As simple as that.

Russel by Essential Home

Russel is a dining chair with a round polished brass base and the timeless seductive velvet layered over a comfy foam frame. Extremely sculptural, it features an open back and deep horizontal tufting, both on the seat and back. Definitely, a mix between mid-century aesthetics with a contemporary twist.

Federico by Essential Home

Federico dining chair has a luxurious upholstery design with unique fifties patterns, paired with the ivory back seats. This beautiful piece is a tribute to the great Federico Fellini, one of the best Italian film director and screenwriter, that was known for his distinctive style, which mix of mixing fantasy and baroque images with dreadfulness.

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