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WITH LOVE TO LUXURY Life is a journey and those who travel live in luxury WITH LOVE TO LUXURY Life is a journey and those who travel live in luxury

With love to design and style House Romanow embraces both architectural, interior design service for residential and hospitality projects. Our shop provides a range of carefully selected furniture and accessories from world leading brands.


HR provides full architectural design service for residential and hospitality projects.

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Coordination and completion of projects on time within budget and within scope.

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Carefully selected pieces from finest craftsmanships from around the world. Explore our range now.

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Klaudia Romanow

Founder and Head Designer of House Romanow

Working as an architect Klaudia successfully completed number of projects in Ireland, Poland and the United States. She has experience in number of sectors including residential, commercial and  interior design projects.

Goldfinger Lounge Chair

Fashion Stylist

Pared down geometry in polished brass meets swanky Rialto Navy velvet. The perfectly pitched seat and soft, button-tufted cushions make this rigorously minimal seat surprisingly cozy and comfy. The definition of leaned-back luxury—a little bit ’70s, a lot today. Our Goldfinger Lounge Chair adds a modernist vibe to your Park Ave pad or swanks up your mid-century abode.

Thebes Lounge Chair


Inspired by Thebes stools, beloved by everyone from Egyptian pharaohs to Liberty of London, our Thebes Lounge Chair is a modern take on a decorating classic. An architectural brass frame with signature Thebes spokes supports an expertly pitched and spacious seat woven from strips of hardworking black leather and topped with a removable cushion. The swooping armrest is wrapped in black leather cord for added softness and style. This handsome seat is modern enough for a Mies van der Rohe pavilion but swanky enough for a Parisian chateau.


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Bespoke Furniture 99%


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